Captain Swing




This reissue features 16 bonus tracks including previously unreleased material.

The second album in her debut trilogy, Michelle Shocked swings far and wide along an unchartered path, exploring the blues she loves most. "Swing is a feeling, everything else is just style" she declared, after boldly exploring and presenting the blues terrain where she feels most at home.

"It's blues with an upbeat, " she explains. "You may be singing the blues, but the fact is, you're singing!" She adds further, "People imagine blues is being down and out, miserable and hopeless. But in truth, it's a journey in a strange land, trying to find your way home."

Hailing from the East Texas territory of Freddie King, Lightnin' Hopkins, King Curtis and Gatemouth Brown, Victoria Williams and Leadbelly, she claims this unique swathe of Americana as her musical playground.



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Track Listing

Tracks 1-11 Original Release 1989 Mercury
1 God is a Real Estate Developer 3:12
2 On the Greener Side 2:53
3 Silent Ways 2:38
4 Sleep Keeps Me Awake 2:42
5 Cement Lament 3:04
6 My Little Sister 2:37
7 Looks Like Mona Lisa 2:29
8 Too Little Too Late 2:13
9 Streetcorner Ambassador 3:25
10 Must Be Luff 3:38
11 Russian Roulette 3:30

Tracks 12-20 Acoustic Demos
12 Must Be Luff 2:55
13 Sleep Keeps Me Awake 3:09
14 Cement Lament 3:08
15 Silent Ways 2:12
16 Streetcorner Ambassador
17 Early Morning Saturday 3:01
18 God Is A Real Estate
19 Too Little Too Late 1:47
20 Hepcat 2:58

Tracks 21-23 Live Shows
21 Barefootin' 5:55 with Tower
22 Garden Salad Diplomacy :41
23 Poll Tax Song 4:04 12/89 @ Oxford Apollo

Tracks 24-25 Duets with Dad for UK B-Sides
24 The Titanic 3:44 with Dollar Bill Johnston
25 Old Paint 2:34 with Dollar Bill Johnston
26 Worth The Weight 2:09 5/90 @ Providence Lupo's
27 Fairy Tales 2:32 4//89 @ London Hackney Empire