Michelle Shocked
Arkansas Traveler Reissue

Michelle Shocked - Arkansas Traveler Reissue


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Released in 1992, the original Arkansas Traveler is a travelogue of the old-time string band and fiddle tunes Michelle grew up playing in East Texas. Out of print since 1998, it features collaborations with a jawdropping list of Americana heroes and pioneers. This reissue has been digitally remastered and includes 7 bonus tracks of previously unreleased material.


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33 RPM Soul Hold Me Back (Frankie & Johnny) Worth the Weight
Come a Long Way Strawberry Jam Come a Long Way acoustic demo
Secret to a Long Life Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe) Blackberry Blossom
Contest Coming (Cripple Creek) Blackberry Blossom Weaving Way alternate version
Over the Waterfall Weaving Way Down in the Arkansas
Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy) Arkansas Traveler Introducing Dollar Bill
Jump Jim Crow Woody's Rag C-H-I-C-K-E-N
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Conceived, Written, and Produced by Michelle Shocked

33 RPM Soul

Recorded at Trax Recording, Chicago, IL

Pops Staples                 guitar and vocal

Bob Murphy                   keyboards

Hassan Khan                 bass

Buddy Fambro               guitar

William T Mason            drums

Vanessa Holmes           vocal

HerManita Jones            vocal

Denny Fongheiser          additional drums

Arkansas Traveler          guitar and vocal

Glenn Rosenstein          engineer

Al Ursini                        2nd engineer

Special thanks to Reed Hyams, Chuck Kawal, Keith Mestil & Paul Khoury

Come A Long Way

Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Mark Goldenberg           guitar

Mitchell Froom               B-3

Jerry Scheff                   bass

Kenny Aronoff                drums

Mickey Raphael             harmonica

Byron Berline                 fiddle

Arkansas Traveler          guitar, mandolin and vocal

Don Was                       producer

Rik Pekkonen                engineer

Dan Bosworth                2nd engineer

Special thanks to Ed, Bob, Bob & Ed.  Thanks to Danny, Dan, Don, Dawn & Dane.  Thanks Randy, Rand & the Repo Man.  Thanks to God and my producer.  Welcome aboard, Larry

Secret to a Long Life

Recorded at Dreamland Studios, Woodstock, NY

Levon Helm                   mandolin and vocal

Garth Hudson                accordion and keyboards

Tony Levin                     bass

Jerry Marotta                 drums

Albert Lee                     guitar

Arkansas Traveler          guitar and vocal

Bernie Leadon               music director/co-producer

Tom Cook                     engineer

Management by Joe Forno & David Fishof/For This Band, Inc.

Special thanks to Steve Martin, Ed & Loretta H

Contest Coming

Recorded at Jack's House, Chapel Hill, NC

The Red Clay Ramblers:

Tommy Thompson         banjo and vocal

Clay Buckner                 fiddle and vocal

Chris Frank                   accordion

Jack Herrick                  bass

Bland Simpson              piano

Ed Butler                       bones and triangle

Bernie Leadon               mandolin

Arkansas Traveler          guitar and vocal

The Red Clay Ramblers appear courtesy of Sugar Hill Records

Special thanks to Keith Case, Lee Olsen, Lynn Herrick, Barry Poss, Si Kahn

Over the Waterfall

Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland

The Hothouse Flowers:

Fiachna O'Braonain        guitar and tin whistle

Liam O'Maonlai              bodhran and piano

Peter O'Toole                 bouzouki and bass

Jerry Fehily                   drums

Leo Barnes                    sax and B-3

Arkansas Traveler          mandolin and vocal

Hugh Padgham              engineer/co-producer

Hothouse Flowers appear courtesy of London Records

Management by Robbie Wooton/Undercover Mgmt, Dublin, Ireland

Special thanks to all at London Records, Caroline Kennedy, Caroline Henry & all at the Factory

Shaking Hands (Soldier's Joy)

Recorded on The Spirit of St Charles Riverboat, St Charles, MO

Uncle Tupelo:

Jay Farrar                      guitar and vocal

Michael Heidorn             drums

Jeff Tweedy                   bass and vocal

Bernie Leadon               mandolin

Jack Irons                     field snare

Arkansas Traveler          vocal

Bernie Leadon               music director/co-producer

Glenn Rosenstein          engineer

Recorded with Effanel

Uncle Tupelo appears courtesy of Rockville Records

Management by Tony Margherita/Tony Margherita Mgmt. St Louis, MO

Special thanks to Michael Barclay, Nicky Ferguson, Margaret Johnston, Sheena, The Optimist Club & David Flavin

Jump Jim Crow

Recorded at Bill Schnee Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Taj Mahal                      guitar and vocal

Arkansas Traveler          mandolin and vocal

Mark McKenna              engineer

Taj Mahal appears courtesy of Private Music

Management by Ron DeBlasio/Shankman-DeBlasio-Melina

Special thanks to Karen Johnson, Paula Erikson, Ron DeBlasio & Steve Martin

*Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah courtesy of Walt Disney Music Co @1945 copyright renewed

All rights reserved Gilbert/Wrubel

Hold Me Back (Frankie & Johnny)

Recorded at Sun Studios, Memphis, TN

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown       viola

Gate's Express:

Dennis Taylor                tenor sax

Harold Floyd                  bass

Michael Holmes             keyboards

Terry Townson               trumpet

Waldo LaTowsky           drums

Bill 'Foots' Samuels        baritone sax

Bernie Leadon               guitar

Arkansas Traveler          guitar and vocal

Bernie Leadon               music director/co-producer

Glenn Rosenstein          engineer

Recorded with Effanel

Gatemouth appears courtesy of Real Records

Management by Jim Bateman

Special thanks to Gary Hardy at Sun Studio, James Lott, Ron Harris, Karen Leipziger & Jack Randel

Strawberry Jam

Recorded at the Merle Watson Memorial Festival, Wilkesboro, NC

Doc Watson                  guitar

Jerry Douglas                dobro

Mark O'Connor               fiddle

Steve Edelman              bass

Arkansas Traveler          guitar and vocal

Bernie Leadon               music director/co-producer

Glenn Rosenstein          engineer

Recorded with Effanel

Doc Watson and Jerry Douglas appear courtesy of Sugar Hill Records

Mark O'Connor appears courtesy of Warner Bros.

Special thanks to B. Townes, Norman Blake, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush & Tony Rice

Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)

Recorded at Bennett House Studios, Franklin, TN

Alison Krauss                fiddle and vocal

Union Station:

Alison Brown                 banjo

Adam Steffey                 mandolin

Barry Bales                   bass

Tim Stafford                   guitar

Martin Parker                 drums

Prodigal Daughter          guitar and vocal

Glenn Rosenstein          engineer

Shawn McLean             2nd engineer

Alison Krauss appears courtesy of Rounder Records

Management by Denise Stiff/Keith Case & Assoc. Nashville, TN

Blackberry Blossom

Recorded at the Commissary Antique Store, Rising Fawn, GA

Rising Fawn String Ensemble:

Norman Blake                guitar

Nancy Blake                  cello

James Bryant                fiddle

Arkansas Traveler          guitar and vocal

Glenn Rosenstein          engineer

Recorded with Effanel

Norman and Nancy Blake appear courtesy of Shanachie Records

Management by Scott O'Malley/Scott O'Malley & Assoc., Colorado Springs, CO

Special thanks to Lorraine Hansard & Bernie Leadon

Weaving Way

Recorded at Trafalgar Studios, Annandale, NSW, Australia

The Messengers:

Steve Connely               guitar

John Schofield               bass

Peter Bull                      keyboards

Michael Barclay             drums

Arkansas Traveler          mandolin and vocal

Alan Thorne                   engineer

Tristen Norwell               2nd engineer

Management by Rob Barnham/Rob Barnham Mgmt, Sydney, Australia

Special thanks to Adrian Bohm, Paul Kelly, Kaarin Fairfax, Marc Wilkinson, Donna Francis, Mark Wilkins & Sebel Townhouse

Arkansas Traveler

Recorded at the Driftwood Barn, Mountain View, AR

Jimmy Driftwood                        guitar and vocal

Dollar Bill                      mandolin

Bernie Leadon               banjo

Don Mellon                    spoons and vocal

Skinny Blair                   vocal

James Murphy               washtub

Jim Cleveland                guitar

Don Miller                      fiddle

Arkansas Traveler          guitar and giggles

Bernie Leadon               music director/co-producer

Glenn Rosenstein          engineer

Recorded with Effanel

Special thanks to the Rackensack Folklore Society and Cleda Driftwood

Woody's Rag (W. Guthrie)

Recorded at the Piney Woods Pickin' Parlor, Mineola, TX

Dollars, Taxes:

Dollar Bill                      mandolin

John DeFoore                guitar

Mary Albright                 guitar

Slim Richie                    fiddle

Francie White                bass

Max Johnston                guitar

 Bernie Leadon               banjo

Arkansas Traveler          mandolin

Recorded with Effanel

Special thanks to John & Darren DeFoore & Christie Nine

Mobile recording unit, Effanel Music, NYC, NY

Mark Shane                   engineer

Ian Craigil                      engineer

Eric 'ET' Thorngren         mix engineer

Rob Seifert                    2nd mix engineer

Laura Grover                  production coordinator

Mixed at Aire LA, Glendale, CA

Add'l mixing at Mastercontrol, Burbank, CA

Jack Skinner                 master engineer

Mastered at KDisc, Hollywood

Management for Michelle Shocked

Ed Gerrard/Alive Enterprises

Peter Himberger/Asst. Mgmt

Michael Bays                art direction

Ben Argueta                  design

Special thanks to Bob Kranes, Ed Eckstine, Dana Brandwein, All at Mercury Records, Shep Gordon, Danny Markus, Melanie Wicker, All at Alive, Steve Martin, Jonny Podell, Mike Donovan, All at William Morris, Dan Crary, Gerry Goldstein, Andy Ridenour, Craig Burbidge, Eve Glabman, Bob Freedman, Carol Wagner and Fluffy the Cat

The views and opinions expressed on this recording are solely those of Michelle Shocked and do not necessarily represent those of the musicians who have generously contributed their time and talent to this project

©  Copyright 2004 Michelle Shocked ALL RIGHTS RESERVED