News from Michelle Shocked - December 2010

Well, I have a little information on my Roadworks 2011 tour schedule, but rather than delay sending this update any further, it appears much that I can do at this time is foment rumors and half truths. So please be sure to pass along this scurrilous speculation and between us let's see how much confusion we can create. I have reason to believe I'll be in Australia the second half of April..the verdict is still out on New Zealand... I also have an unsubstantiated hunch that I'll be at a festival in New Orleans around Memorial Day. I will, of course, keep you posted with updates. Since wishes are fishes, I may as well confess I have a spawn of dates in the spring as follows:

Roadworks 2011 West ~ March 10 Flagstaff, 11 Phoenix AZ, 12 San Diego CA,13 Los Angeles CA,
16 San Francisco (Berkeley) CA, 17 Arcata CA, 18 Santa Rosa (Sebastapol) CA, 19 Sacramento (Grass Valley) CA, 20 Santa Cruz CA

Roadworks 2011 Rocky Northwest ~ April 1-10 CO, NM, WA, OR, possibly BC
Roadworks 2011 Australia ~ April 20-30 VIC, NSW, TAS, possibly NZ
Roadworks 2011 East ~ May 20-30 NY, New England, ONT, MA, PA & VA

Roadworks 2011: 'Campfire Girl' will highlight songs from my unauthorized debut album, The Texas Campfire Tapes, and we'll be celebrating it's 25th (!) anniversary year. We will also feature the first 5 of 10 new songs from my Indelible Women collaboration with artist David Willardson. I will bring a vocal trio along to feature the material in a girl group/doo-wop style. If things don't get brighter on the home front (15 million unemployed!), we may continue with our American Idle project, or we might put a focus on arts education in public schools. Feedback on making that decision is welcome, so please share, either here or on Facebook, if you have an opinion. In any case, please come out to one of the shows and be prepared to 'sing around the campfire.'

In appreciation for all the support received for this year's tour effort, everything on the webstore from now until the end of the year is 30% off, so be sure to enter the coupon code 'Roadworks' when placing your order in our system.

I don't know how else to express my gratitude, so much to be thankful for...To quote Jim Chayka, my awesome banjo wingman and musical director, "my brain is swirling with all the experiences, people, places during the past year. And high above all of the excellent or for-better-or-worse snapshots in my mind is an overarching feeling of lessons in music played with sincerity, with the highest highs rooted in fearlessness and trust, the melodic tightrope." So, "I'm gonna 'speed dial' this sucker!" To James Nash, Mary Pitchford, Katy Rexford, Adam Rosckiewicz, Michael Connelly, Eli West, Alisa Rose, Wes Langlois, Kristen Weber, David Weissman, Jonathan Plaut, Sally Truitt, Sally Van Meter, Dollars Taxes (featuring Dollar Bill, Linda, & George), Max Johnston, Eric Jarvis, Michele Gazich, Peter O'Toole, Paul Sanchez, Neti & Chaz, thank you for that! Thanks to Brandon Mann and all at Crescendo for taking direction from a know-nothing like me and somehow making it all work out. I suppose thanks is due to Southwest Airlines, Thrifty Rent-a-Car and Motel 6 for keeping touring affordable, but I won't hold my breath on the endorsement offers. To Crandall Rogers, Jan Albert, Justin & Hugo, Fred Migliore, Liz Reeder, Whimzy House, Bruce & Denise and 'Burdland,' for magical support and hospitality. We're left with Bamanishus, Blue Collar Radio, The Foxxhole, some big canyon in Taos, Kick Ass & Hit Girl, instant oatmeal, Little Chef, Belgian truffles, Tetris, Mandy TomTom, The Scottsboro Boys, Denny's pickles, Guinness, cutting bait, jet lag, Cracker Barrel, Buster Bars, "corn bread and beans", Praline Connection, Treme and the Backstreet Cultural Museum... "haveagoodlistening!"  It all went by in a blink...

Roadworks 2010: 'American Idle' was an incredible experience. I've rallied together my Top Ten “Idles”; songs heard around the country from fellow songwriters doing a brilliant job of putting a face and giving a voice to folks caught in the cogs of the ever-grinding engine of global capital. They've graciously allowed me to post their songs on my website, and we're discussing possibly publishing the compilation on iTunes and sending it around to  community radio stations, perhaps to benefit our favorite community organizations. So a very special thanks to Andy Sharkey for her uncanny Simon Cowell-esque abilities, and an all-star American Idle cast including Johanna Divine, Ron Bankley, Jon Shain, Marc Haney, Dianne Karelovich, John Clark, John Lynch, Paul Kenny, Zach Peterson and Joe Renner. Their work speaks for itself, so please take the time to listen. Meanwhile, my 'outsider art' collection appears to be growing. Here's what I've collected so far...

Outsider Art

God bless us everyone! 
Love, Michelle