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Michelle Shocked December 2009
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Introducing WillyWear! A new line of very colorful apparel, now available at my webstore. Inspired by splatters of acrylic paint that landed on David's shirt, pants, hat, you name it, while he painted in his studio, I asked him to splatter my guitar case, my Chucks, swimsuit, bag, baseball cap...and since I wear lots of black stuff, his bright primary colors were a perfect enhancement! Check it out here and send custom orders too.

Announcing the launch of Roadworks, my 5-year tour project. "American Idle" is the v.1 theme, and the current schedule is here. It includes confirmed and tentative dates (unconfirmed, but at least will let you know when I plan to be in your neck of the woods.) Check back next week when more dates are added and confirmed. "American Idle" will chronicle the times we live in; chronic unemployment, upside down mortgages, unaffordable health care, marriage inequality...you know, the blues. But it’s like I always said..."Maybe you got 'em, but at least you’re singing 'em!" I think we might collect the best songs and make a simple limited edition recording by the end of the year, available only to Roadworks ticket buyers.

Speaking of unemployment, if you really want to catch the show, but just can’t afford it, we're offering half-price tickets to the first 10 volunteers for each gig who will commit two hours of their time helping to get the word out. This can include anything you’re interested in, or are good at ie. social networking, distributing fliers, postering, radio station requests, helping at the merch table, etc. If you’re interested, please send an email to crandall@fourmortals.org indicating which show and what support you’d like to offer. We’ll reply as soon as possible, so please be patient.

As I gear up for the 2012 Arkansas Traveler 20th Anniversary, I’m looking for a few good hotlick 'bluegrass' bands (obviously, 'bluegrass' is a fluid concept with me...) If you plan to be at this year's Folk Alliance in Memphis, please send me your showcase schedule. My time at Folk Alliance is very limited but I'm willing to stay up all night to catch a great act. I'd love the opportunity to introduce great new talent as I scout for support musicians for Roadworks.

That's the big news. If you want to read further about ongoing projects, see below.

Stumbling Towards Grace is now the working title for the memoir project being published. I've completed over 40 hours of interviews; they are being transcribed and proofed even now. I hear you asking 'When can I read it?" Don't hold me to this, but possibly late fall this year or winter/spring of next year. Hey! These things take time!

Trumpet Black is the working title for my New Orleans project. A collaboration produced with Paul Sanchez and Threadhead Records, we're assembling the material and casting for the record. It basically chronicles my sojourn in New Orleans, pre-Katrina. "When?" You ask. Not sure. Perhaps early 2011, maybe in time for Mardi Gras. Maybe we’ll feature it for next year’s Roadworks v.2.

The HeART Project beats at an opening in Los Angeles on February 13th at the Rebecca Molayem gallery and I'll be performing a live set while David Willardson creates a performance on canvas. www.rebeccamolayemarts.com. For our Indelible Women collaboration, he has now completed 8 of the 10 portraits, and I've written songs for four of them so far. I'm just starting research on Virginia Woolf and David has finished the sketch. "When?" Always with the question! Patience, grasshopper. It will be worth the wait. Soon, I promise.

And that is all the news that new this month. Stay warm, stay well. Trust God and go in peace,


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Tour Schedule

  • February 13th - Art Opening 'Icon Series' by David Willardson
    Rebecca Molayem Gallery
    306 N Robertson Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90048

  • February 19th - Folk Alliance ASCAP Presents Performance Alley showcase
    Memphis Marriott St. Louis Room
    250 N Main St
    Memphis, TN 38103

  • March 20th - Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Belly Up Tavern - tentative
    143 S Cedros Ave
    San Diego, CA 92075

  • March 25th - Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Freight and Salvage (new)
    250 N Main St
    Berkeley, CA 94704

  • March 26th - Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Hop Monk
    230 Petaluma Ave
    Sebastapol, CA 95472

  • March 27th - Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Moe's Alley
    1535 Commercial Way
    Santa Cruz, CA 95065

  • April 2nd - Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    The Compound Grill - tentative
    7000 E Mayo Blvd Bldg 21
    Phoenix, AZ 85054

  • April 3rd - Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    McCabes - tentative
    3101 Pico Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

  • April 16th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Swallow Hill Music Hall
    71 E Yale Ave
    Denver, CO 80210

  • April 17th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Santa Fe Brewing Company
    35 Fire Place Santa Fe, NM 87508

  • April 18th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Community Auditorium
    133 Camino del Paseo Pueblo Taos, NM 87571

  • April 22nd -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    The Triple Door
    216 Union St
    Seattle, WA 98101

  • April 24th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Mississippi Studios
    3939 N Mississippi Ave
    Portland, OR 97227

  • April 25th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Salt Lake City, UT

  • May 6th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Joe's Pub
    425 Layfayette St
    New York, NY 10003

  • May 7th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Jammin' Java
    227 Maple Ave E
    Vienna, VA 22180

  • May 8th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Puck Live
    1 Printers Alley
    Doylestown, PA 18901

  • May 9th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Watercolor Cafe
    2094 Boston Post Rd
    Larchmont, NY 10538

  • May 13th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Hugh's Room
    2261 Dundas St W
    Toronto, ON M6R 1X6

  • May 14 -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    London, ON - CANADA

  • May 15th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    One Longfellow Square
    181 State St
    Portland, ME 04101

  • May 16th -Roadworks v.1 American Idle
    Johnny D's - tentative
    17 Holland St Davis Square Somerville, MA 02144

  • May 29th -Festival
    Santa Cruz, CA

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