News from Michelle Shocked - February 2011

So apparently, in the development of the species, human females suckle infants on one breast more typically, to free up their dominant hand for multi-tasking. Since most of us are right handed, we're also likely to have larger left breasts. Who knew? Go on, give a squeeze and check it out, ladies.

Seriously, I've always maintained 'an artist gets the audience they deserve,' and the warmth and support reflected back to me during my time of uncertainty convinces me I am the most unconditionally well-loved woman in the world, (after Princess Diana, of course.) The outpouring of love, good energy, lighting of candles and sending of healing waves, good/positive thoughts, prayers, worrying, good vibes, hopes, blessings, best wishes, and good luck was amazing, overwhelming. Thank you! Genuine gratitude flows, from my heart, to all of you for the above-mentioned 31 flavors of faith expressed and received. Gravity may have its ups and downs, but I believe the circle of love flowing through us all makes the world go 'round. My favorite was from Luc D who says "I'm not a believer...but I'm praying for you anyway!"

The irony of a 'glandular' swelling in my left breast causing a lump, rather than cancer or a cyst, has to do with the fact that I thought, up until about a week ago, that I was turning 50 this month. Which I'm not. For this entire last year, I believed I was 49 only to discover at the doctor's office that I'm just not only do I postpone the ol' colonoscopy, I have yet another year to obsess about the Big Five-O. No wonder David seemed so calm last month while reassuring me we'd be married by the time I'm 50...

Brandon, my booking agent, I've pretty much worn to a nub with this Roadworks project, so I presently have no further tour updates. Seems I've caused confusion with this whole Roadworks concept, so let's review: March is west coast US, April is west/northwest US, May is usually east coast US but I plan to take a few weeks off to recover from April's jaunt to Australia/New Zealand, so this year, I'll be there in June instead. Then, in the fall, September is midwest US, October is UK/Ireland (Europe will, perhaps, eventuate) and finally November is southeast US. It's sane, it's seasonal and it's sustainable. Why didn't I think of this years ago?

Finally, a big thanks to Facebook friends for making the migration between two profiles (Michelle Shocked and Michelle Shocked's Roadworks) to deal with the limits imposed by Facebook. I think only about 215 friends were lost in the switcheroo. It's been worth the hassle; I can post tour schedules in my status updates and also send event invitations when a date is confirmed in your region, province, state or country; It slightly levels the playing field for an independent artist launching a project without a marketing juggernaut. However, if you eschew social networks, I'll keep my website tour schedule current and send a monthly update if you promise to call it a newsletter and not a blog!

~Love, Michelle

Michelle Shocked

Thank you for:
love-Maggie, Al, James M, Tanya Q, Carol, John B, Rebecca V, the Sheridans, Marco S, Steve H, John G, Paul T, Tom F, Kate R, Ruth & Skip, Ron P; good healing energy-Andrea, Dominique B (and thank you for the offer of the lake house!); lighting of candles/ sending of healing waves-Amina E, Heather B; good/positive thoughts-Alison, Todd M, Miranda D, Linda C, Denise G, Jeffrey S, Lisa D, Dick A, Tim K, Stefano C, Trog, Nicole M, Janet R; prayers-Stacy S, Ken (congrats on 12 years of sobriety,) Joe J, Mark & Rhonda, Bob S, Joe A, Chris & Cathy P, Marcus D, Ginny, Willie W, Andy, Kay D, Danny L, Yvette N, Kelly H, Meg M, Eddie E, Rich & Cecile (condolences for the loss of your dad just after the new year,) Eric B, Mike B (who makes his prayers count by not saying too many,) Peter B, Lynda H (please cover 'When I Grow Up' in your survivor group's repertoire!,) Tim, Michael C, Barry M, Denise A, Henry G, Laura G, Patty H, Debbie W, Marco F, Randall, Naomi T, Beth K, Jacqui R, Zoe C, Sue, Ken S, Ian, Rod B, Ramcey, Craig K- (please see my note to Ian B under 'hopes' re NSW, QLD, VIC,), Lisa V, Sherry T, Randy G, Tom M, Steph, Greg C, Juliana, Carl 'Bongoboy' S, Barbara W, Georgeanna, Joel S. (I'm offering prayers for your best friend and brother-in-law in Stage 4 chemotherapy,); worrying for me-Colin (who says 'heathen atheists have to find some other way to cope'); good vibes-Ed S, Ed D, Julie C, Inez C, Bob W, Peter O, Liz, Bev K; hopes-Peter S, Mick A, Martin B, John & Grace, Katy N, Ian B (my apologies, Byron Bay is in New South Wales, not Queensland), Klyph B; blessing-Bob W, Rich P, Richard L, James G, Annie H, Larry W; best wishes-Bill C, Nick G, Kathryn, Claudia S, Chris G, Kathy M, Ruth, Nancy W, Leslie S, Anne Marie M, Darcy, Hakon S, Kim O; good luck-Mark C, Gordon G, Denise G, Ryan H

Special thanks to:
Pat in Ohio who had his trach removed, neverthless sending a sympathetic message on the same day he had throat reconstruction; to Marsha Rupe who climbs 14K peaks and 18 mile hikes while surviving stage 4 lymphoma, she's been 'cheating death since 1980'; to Pete and Carol surviving 5+ years clear of breast cancer, so great to have you on my side; and to Connie B, who lost her daughter 10 years ago and says "You don't know what kind of teabag you are until you're dunked in hot water," would love to share a cuppa some day!

12 AMSD San Diego CA
13 McCabe’s Los Angeles CA
16 Freight & Salvage Berkeley CA
17 Humboldt Brews Arcata CA
18 Hopmonk Sebastapol CA
19 Center for the Arts Grass Valley CA
20 Moe’s Alley Santa Cruz CA
27 Mississippi Studios Portland OR
28 Jazz Alley Seattle WA

1 State Room Salt Lake UT
2 Swallow Hill Denver CO
12 Power Station Auckland NZ
14 SF Bathhouse Wellington NZ
15 Bedford Christchurch NZ
16 Zoo Brisbane QLD Australia
17 Sound Lounge Currumbin QLD
18 Basement Sydney NSW
19 Lizotte’s Dee Why NSW
20 Lizotte's Newcastle NSW
22 Deep Roots Fest Melbourne VIC
23 State Theater Sydney NSW
25-26 Blues Fest Byron Bay NSW
27 Gov Hindmarsh Adelaide SA
28 E Brunswick Melbourne VIC
29 Theater Royal Castlemain VIC
30 Sub Station Newport VIC

1 Caravan Music Oakleigh VIC
5 Jazz Fest New Orleans LA
6 Chickie Wah Wah New Orleans LA
27 Phoenixville PA (tentative)
28 Jim Thorpe PA (tentative)
29 Joe's Pub NYC

9 Hugh's Room Toronto ON (tentative)
10 Longfellow's Portland ME (tentative)
12 Joe's Pub NYC
18 Jammin' Java Vienna VA (tentative)
19 Joe's Pub NYC
23-26 Wild Goose Festival Durham NC