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Michelle Shocked March 2010
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Ok, that went by fast. Fair enough, it’s is shortest month of the year...

I’ve just returned from the Folk Alliance music conference in Memphis. I saw lots of great performances by The Sweater Set, Seth Glier, Diana Anaid, Acts of Congress, Hilary Hawke, lots of others... missed the Little Stevies, doggone it. My own showcase was a valuable exercise preparing for my upcoming tour, troubleshooting the concept as it were. Many thanks to David Weissman for contributing the experimental bluegrass beatboxing and Allison Williams for the impromptu banjo accompaniment!

To recap, the touring project is an ongoing 5-year operation called Roadworks. Crandall crandall@fourmortals.org continues to accept requests for involvement in street team efforts in exchange for discount tickets. We just created our nifty little logo. Hope you like it. Tour dates have been updated for the spring and a few summer festivals.

Roadworks American Idle Logo

In a nutshell, this year’s theme is 'American Idle; a celebration of our ‘jobless recovery,’ (apologies to those who can’t relate) and I’m soliciting songs about Hard Times. Outside the U.S., I’m not quite sure what to think, except to tell you how it is rough over here. Likely the malaise is widespread enough, you can relate...1-in-10 unemployed, 1-in-6 uninsured, foreclosures and underwater mortgages, political gridlock.. and apparently Obama believes Wall Street bankers have earned their just, taxpayer-protected reward.

Regarding the songs, PLEASE don’t send them to me, but do send them to Andy Sharkey at Campfire Girl Publishing asharkey@sbcglobal.net. If you send them here by reply, they’ll likely fall through the virtual cracks. Andy will evaluate and then pass them along to me, preferably a song you’ve written and demo’ed recently (ie. unpublished). Send it plain or overproduced, it doesn’t matter what party dress it wears. You’re welcome to send published (ie. recorded and released) songs that fit the theme as well. I’ll be happy to present them at concerts (or if you’re on the route, present it yourself!) and I’m hoping the best of the crop will appear in a limited-edition recording at the end of the year for Roadworks ticketholders only.

Plans for the 20th Anniversary Arkansas Traveler Redux continues, likely to be next year’s Roadworks theme. However, this year I’m also looking for support bands that can join me for 4-5 fiddle tunes from Arkansas Traveler during my set, as well as opening the show. Please make sure a banjo/or dobro and fiddle/or mandolin are included in the lineup, and the rhythm section is limited to string instruments. Keeping it affordable and portable, ya’ know?

David and I are off to Japan today for two weeks. I’ll try to take some pictures of us in our WillyWear so you can see it for yourself;  over there he’s the Rock Star and I’m the Roadie. Works for me!

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei!


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