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april 2010
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Just waxing enthusiasm for the Jim Chayka trio (with Katy Rexford/Adam Roskowitz in Colorado/New Mexico, and Eli West/Michael Connell in Seattle/Portland.) They provided scintillating support on last month's Roadworks dates and a big thank you to all the Living Wage organizers who took the time to come share about their work during the show (LAANE in Santa Monica, FRESC in Denver, SAGE in Seattle, NWJP in Portland) and of course, you, my very talented audience; Autumn in Denver, Sage in Santa Fe, Melissa in Taos, Jess in Seattle, and Gerard's "Lost Tears'" in Portland were just a few of the highlights of those who surprised and inspired us with spontaneous, impromptu command performances during the concert's American Idle segment. I have a few new tour dates to announce. Oh, and t-shirts. I have new t-shirts. oh yeah, and Short Sharp Shocked. I have Short Sharp Shocked back in print in a digipak format. I'll look for that video with the mariachi in San Diego and I think that picture of me in a kimono, which I just googled for the spelling and discovered means 'thing to wear.' How interesting. I'll find something in the files to amuse and entertain, I promise.

Michelle Shocked with mariachi in San Diego on behalf of Living Wage 5 Year Anniversary

The US East Coast dates are imminent, joining me is the Allison Williams trio (with Marian Macrae and Wes Langlois). We'll feature our favorite beatboxer, David Weissman and our friendly fiddlin' fighter of pettifoggery, Jonathan Plaut. So please, get out your Arkansas Traveler record, memorize those corny old jokes and come up and regale us with some knee slappers. More importantly, let us know (send an MP3 to Andy Sharkey at sharkey@sbcglobal.net) if you have a recent original song that 'puts a human face on the abstraction of current unemployment statistics,' come up and sing it for us. I have a new art project that I'm recruiting help with. If you see someone with a cardboard sign asking for help, spare change, disabled homeless vet, etc, please offer them a couple of bucks for the sign and then send it to me, ok? We can put America back to work making cardboard signs. I'm serious. Send it to me. I'll send you back something cool if I like the sign. I'm creating something with the signs. Oh, and I'll gladly accept any used, worn out Made in China magnetic 'yellow ribbons' too. Thanks.

Michelle and Akio
Thing to wear

So that's it. Have a great summer. Or...winter. Hope to see you soon. Revvin' my Roadworks engine...

Keeping it short, sharp and always Shocked,









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