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april 2010
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This September update has a lot of geography to cover. For some Down Below, it's the first signs of spring bursting forth; for those of us in the Upper Berth, it's that sweet melancholy of summer waning. To those who call their Atlantic a west coast, some Americanism herein I confess to commit. So adjust your Meridians accordingly, you know who you are.

The 2010 Fall Roadworks Tour commences in a few weeks. I think by now some of you might be catching on...."Ahh, it's September. Michelle Shocked must be coming through the Midwest." Continuing the theme from this spring, we'll be celebrating the upcoming 20th anniversary of songs from Arkansas Traveler and a portion of the show is designated for something we call 'American Idle,' since it seems this economic stalemate plans to settle down for a long winter nap. Unemployment persists at over 10%, and forecasts predict more than 1 million home foreclosures before the New Year. Not exactly a snappy tune to whistle, but I say let's gather 'round the old campfire and sing songs to chase the chill away. Seriously. I am sincerely soliciting songwriters to come forth and inspire us with original compositions that put a human face to all these abstract economic statistics. We have a photographic memory of the Great Depression, and dustbowl ballads recall ancient history, but where are the modern classics? Let's hear them! Come sing one for us at a Roadworks event if we're anywhere near your town. Simply email Andy at asharkey@sbcglobal.net and let her know you have A Song for Times Like These.

In a similar vein, I'm delighted to announce that my dad, Dollar Bill, joins the Roadworks crew during the October Gulf South leg, and that he and his band, Dollars Taxes, shall sail us away from treacherous shores and stormy seas and around the Cape of Good Hope and why did I start this nautical metaphor when I have no idea how I'm going to...Anchorage! Yes, that's it! Anchorage.

I'm going to Anchorage next week with my wonderful blended family; my mother, my top half-sister, my grandmother, my stepsister, my bottom half-brother, my aunt twice removed and maybe a stowaway or two on a Hillbilly Love Boat cruise to Alaska. How it happened, my half-sister and stepsister conspired and I heard about it and wished them well. Then David, my sweetheart, overheard the plan and said, "That sounds like fun!" I said, 'Really?! Well, ok, I'll ask if we can come." And from that point, it was Game On. I'm quite sure before the ship reaches final port that my mom will have everybody aboard singing a rousing chorus of "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain" while zithering away on her autoharp.

You all have busy lives; I'll leave it for now. Tour dates, including recent updates to the November UK/Ireland and US Southeast leg, are posted over there on the right hand side, and at my website, and on MyFace, SpaceBook, Tweaker and wherever finer social networks are sold. CDs, songbooks, tshirts, stickers (and so much more!) are available at my website, iTunes and on filesharing networks everywhere. Thank you for your continued loyalty, for your love and for laughing behind my back. Keep it there.

God bless us all,


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