News from Michelle Shocked - September 2011

Radio silence. Seelonce Fini. Duplicity abounds, dear friends. After my May newsletter, a distinct dearth of chit chat emanated from Shocked HQ. Double agents and their operatives, lurking in covert coves, listen in on our communiques and conspire to sabotage our Grand Comity.

I lark. However, I do not exaggerate. Keep calm and carry on.

As for lying back and thinking of England, there will be an October Roadworks tour along the following frontlines:

October 12-Dublin 13-Dundalk 14-Edinburgh 15-Hull 16-Birmingham 17-Ludlow 18-Swindon 19-Bristol 20-Cardiff 22-Whitstable 23-London 24-Cork 25-Carrick on Shannon 26-Galway 28-Donegal

Joining me are the Sweater Set's lovely Sara Curtin and Maureen Andary, former Hothouse Flower Peter O'Toole (launching his own and our aide-de-camp Jan Albert, a.k.a. Belgian Chocolatier to the Stars. We'll celebrate my 25th Anniversary as the Campfire Girl, we'll preview songs from my new Indelible Women project, and will cavort to oldie-but-goodies from Short Sharp Shocked and other fine favorites.

                                     Green Room Outtakes

As for the South rising again, there will be a November Roadworks tour along the following backlines:

November 10-San Marcos 11-Austin 13-Auburn 14-Birmingham 15-Atlanta 18-St Pete 19-Ft. Pierce

Please visit my website or Facebook page for specific details on tour dates outlined above.

Roadworks LogoAs for September, ah...September. Good man, September. He will be missed. We had a humdinger of a tour lined up, but enemy forces assailed and September went down in flames. Next year, I promise. "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again."

Speaking of next year, I haven't settled on a theme for Roadworks 2012, but the world's folly is likely to determine the direction by New Year's Dawn. My revised schedule based on empirical logistical evidence deems Midwest dates will follow West Coast dates as Roadworks sojourns eastward. Thus, East Coast dates will now debut in September and Midwest dates will take their new position in May. Here, let me spell it out for you:

Roadworks 2012 Tour Schedule
April 6-28 West US (S Diego, LA, Phoenix, S Fe, Salt Lake, S Cruz, S Francisco, S Rosa, Portland, Seattle)
May 14-27 Midwest US (Denver, St Louis, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Madison, Ann Arbor, Columbus)
September 12-24 East US (Albany, Burlington, Toronto, Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, NYC, DC)
October 2-14 Ireland & UK (Dublin, London, Midlands, Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow, Belfast, Dundalk)
November 7-18 South US (Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Durham)

Meanwhile, in June I persisted on the East Coast despite skirmishes and schemes, finishing with a fine flourish of a Wild Goose chase. In July it was mostly swim & pray, swim & pray, swim & pray. Later that month, David and I cruised ComicCon craziness and then bounced up for the Bay Area's Hopalong Animal Rescue benefit at Ashkenaz with a dawg's best friend, James Nash. In August, a grand reunion in South Africa with our bass playing friend Schalk Joubert introduced me to some very talented musicians, many whom I had the pleasure of working with; drummer Kevin Gibson, keyboardist Melissa van der Spuy, guitarist Henry Steel. A highlight was a luncheon repast with artist David Kramer and his gracious wife Renaye. Daughter Amy even managed to grab a brief backstage interview at Cape Town's Fugard Theater for a documentary she's creating. I was digging the gigging in the KwaZulu-Natal at Oppikoppi Festival Unknown Brother and the backstage scene with organizers Karel and Misha and oh-so-many great SA musos worthy of international infamy.

Oppikoppi Festival

Returning stateside, I shared a showcase with Stan Ridgway in Downtown L.A.'s Pershing Square, debuted my collaboration with vocal trio New Paradise, flew at dawn to AusTex for J-Boy's Big Phat Jewish Wedding, and back to L.A. in time for a three day prayer revival before hitting the dunes with Disciples on the Move's Venice Beach Outreach Crusade. Nothing but the Holy Ghost, y'all!

I myself am curious to see what next month's report will be...David and I are launching "Club Pillows." It's a new monthly series via YouTube about my Roadworks project and his Willardson Studio effort. It will be highly interesting, if not downright amusing. I can hardly wait!! Will we get it together in time? Who knows? I'll send you the link if we do. 'Til next month, fine comrades.

Love, Michelle