Short Sharp Shocked



Mighty Sound Press Release

We proudly present MICHELLE SHOCKED's deluxe, re-mastered version of her classic 1988 debut studio album SHORT, SHARP, SHOCKED, due out September 23 on her own label, Mighty Sound. She launched the label with her acclaimed 2002 album DEEP NATURAL and followed it earlier this year with the deluxe re-issue of her pivotal 1986 release, TEXAS CAMPFIRE TAPES. SHORT, SHARP, SHOCKED--out of print since 1998--is packaged with a special bonus disc of 21 live recordings, rare radio sessions, and studio out takes.

While SHOCKED continues to work on new material for release in mid-2004 as well as tour, she also wears the hat of founder and CEO--or, as she prefers, "Big Boss With The Hot Sauce"--of Mighty Sound. There will be two deluxe reissues per year until her entire catalog--all of which has been out of print for years--is again available. Shocked, an artist rights advocate, is the only known major label artist to now own and publish their complete catalog. Instead of accepting a large advance when she was signed with PolyGram in November 1987, Michelle negotiated instead for ownership of her work. After long years of legal battles, the control is back with its rightful owner.

Track Listing Disc One:
1. When I Grow Up
2. Hello Hopeville
3. Memories of East Texas
4. Gladewater
5. Graffiti Limbo
6. If Love Was a Train
7. Anchorage
8. L and N Don't Stop Here Anymore
9. VFD
10. Black Widow
11. Fogtown

Track Listing Disc 2:
1. When I Grow Up (demo)
2. Memories of East Texas (live)
3. Yamboree Queen
4. Strawberry Jam
5. Graffiti Limbo (demo)
6. If Love Was A Train (alternate)
7. Anchorage (radio)
8. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore (alternate)
9. VFD (live) 10. Black Widow (alt.)
11. Leavin' Louisiana In the Broad Daylight
12. Disoriented
13. Lovely Rita
14. Ballad of Penny Evans
15. Remodeling the Pentagon
16. Fred's Winter Song
17. Prince of Darkness (w/ the Mekons)
18. One Piece At A Time
19. 5 AM In Amsterdam
20. Campus Crusade
21. Goodnight Irene

Praise for Short Sharp Shocked:
"Michelle Shocked is simply the brightest new voice unearthed from the American roots-music landscape in a long while. With an ear to the ground and a thumb to the wind, she has taken the oral-tradition torch handed down by troubadours like Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan and recast its male vocabulary in a post feminist light that erases sexual dividing lines...Short, Sharp, Shocked is a vibrant work, full of character and informed by a political conscience. Michelle Shocked is a true trailblazer who knows how to play with fire, and Short, Sharp, Shocked is a scorcher."
--Janie Matthews, ROLLING STONE, November 3, 1988

"...folk rooted singer songwriter is a talent of the first order...on Short, Sharp, Shocked, the singer's rich, intoxicating alto alternates between coquettish Southern-belle reminiscences of humorous incidents...and   the thoughtful, almost dreamy delivery of reflective songs about friendship."
--Holly Gleason, ROLLING STONE, Nov 3, 1988

"Sure, the words roll lazily off her tongue, much in the style of Billie Holiday. The guitar accompanies them with the studied precision favored by Robert Johnson and other bluesmen...Shocked has a serious voice and an artistic way of presenting the world."
--Tom Moon, THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, August 14, 1988

"Shocked is an immensely likable artist, one whose music combines biting wit, sharp social commentary and a strong sense of Texas roots. There's a bluesiness to much of the material, a hint of country swing in some of it, and a striking contemporary sensibility..."
--CHICAGO SUN TIMES, August 29, 1988

"The best of these tunes are simple, sturdy folk songs...Shocked's dark voice, sly phrasing and acoustic guitar are the primary focus, while dobro, mandolin, banjo, fiddle and dulcimer bring many of the rural scenes she writes about vividly to life."
--WASHINGTON POST, Sept. 2, 1988

"On Short, Sharp, SHOCKED Shocked proves herself as real and imaginative as any folk predecessor. But her traditionalism is firmly tied to the contemporary."
--Tom Lanham, THE SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER-CHRONICLE, September 25, 1988

"...I can hear the quickening of an honest American voice...Shocked's songs gel, moving outward from specifics, she speaks boldly about her times in a manner that calls Woody Gutherie to mind."
--Leslie Berman, VILLAGE VOICE, September 27, 1988

"The major label debut of this highly-touted Texan singer-songwriter lives up to the promise of The Texas Campfire Tapes...the most promising major label folk debut of the year."
EXAMINER-CHRONICLE, September 18, 1988

"Ms. Shocked's voice is still key. Her mature singing is a dead ringer, in alternative moments, for as diverse a pair of crooners as Chrissie Hynde and Jennifer Warnes...East Texas's loss is the world's gain. Ms. Shocked is a decent poet and real vocal marvel...Miss it at your own peril. It is the next best thing to Route 66."
--LOS ANGELES TIMES, September 16, 1988

"Like the early Bob Dylan, Michelle Shocked seems wise beyond her years. The best tracks on Short, Sharp, Shocked have a wistful, remembering-the-past quality-tender, sensitive looks at what was or might have been...One of the best albums of the year."
--John Mackie, THE VANCOUVER SUN, September 24, 1988

"Every once in a while a voice emerges in pop to blow the music's pretensions and formats out to sea. Such is the voice of Michelle Shocked...Shocked blooms under his (co-producer Pete Anderson's) guidance and attacks each song with precision bringing out the inherent attitude and emotion with the right touch of instrumentation."
--Marty Racine, HOUSTON CHRONICLE, October 2, 1988

"Short Sharp Shocked" is available here.